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    Benefits of being part of Pine
    As a company we always strive to increase the quality of life and work environment of our employees. Here are some examples of how we achieve it:
    Internal lectures and workshops
    Sport encouragement programs
    Cutting edge technologies & tools
    Medical insurance
    Donation funds development
    Language courses
    Flexible working hours
    Paid vacation and sick leaves
    How does our hiring go?
    Step 1: Meetings with our Team
    meeting Meeting with the recruiters
    Swift and painless. We just want to get a general impression about what kind of person are you.
    meeting Conversation with our technical interviewer
    Just like a visit to a dentist: everything will be great, as long as you know what awaits you and stay chill.
    Step 2: Feedback and Job Offer
    meeting Feedback
    Based on the first two steps we provide a feedback as soon as possible (sometimes on the interview itself).
    meeting Job Offer
    If all previous steps are successful we immediately send you an offer. Accept it and you won't regret it.
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    about Pine
    We aim to deliver exceptional customer service and user experiences. To do this, we developed a system that allows us to create custom-tailored apps and partnerships that fuel successful projects and processes.
    We are always looking for new talents
    If there's no open position that feels right for you, send us your resume and we'll contact you about new openings.
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